musa intimates


MUSA intimates is a sustainable initiative that makes panties from the banana plant.

MUSA intimates thrives to contribute to the self-image of women and helps them be proud of who they are, what they look like and express themselves in their own way.

Musa panties are made from the fibers of the banana plant’s stem. Banana fabric is a natural material that can be compared to silk, but it has three unique properties: it breathes, it cools and it is water-repellent, which is perfect for intimate zones.

In addition to embracing the intimate zones, this alternative substance is also sustainable. Banana plants are cut down immediately after they start blooming and only the bananas are collected, leaving the remaining plant unused. Banana fabric is made from those otherwise unused fibers.

Illustrations by Jade Simard


The designer

MUSA intimate’s first collection is designed by Jade Simard


Where to find MUSA

Artwork by Gabi Brunhoso